Litigation Services

The Dickie Group Expert Witness and Business Valuation team has over 100 years of combined experience in analyzing and interpreting financial statements, valuing companies, and providing convincing written and verbal presentations both in and out of the courtroom.

Experienced In:

Business Valuation Litigation/Expert Witness
Investment Bankruptcy
Management Consulting CLE Presentations
Mergers and Acquisitions  

Expert Witness

Retained by both plaintiffs and defendants, members of the team have been qualified as experts in Federal District Courts, state courts and U.S. Bankruptcy Court.

In one case, our expert witness supported the defendant in a shareholder class action alleging a securities law violation.  The plaintiffs, who claimed damages in the high eight figures, settled for $25,000 days after deposing our team member.

Resolved Cases Include:

   Breach of Contract

   Stockholder Disputes

   Alleged Securities Law Violations

   Estate and Gift Taxation

   Measurement of Damages

Business Valuation

Over the past 30 years, the team has valued companies in a variety of situations including:

Estate and Gift Taxation Divestiture and Buyout
Income Taxation Commercial Litigation
Merger Acquisition Reorganization
Control Premiums

Testifying as to the appropriate metholology for valuing the shortfall and reduced value of a company acquired by an industrial equipment maker, the arbitrator accepted our methodology and awarded our client $14,800,000 or 16% of the purchase price.

Services Include:

Preliminary Review and Analysis Calculation of Financial Loss Expert Witness: Deposition & Trial
Drafting Claims and Answers Affidavit and Report Preparation Trial Exhibits Presentation
Pre-trial Discovery Consulting Cross-examination Preparation Critique Opposing Expert Reports

Measurement of Damages

Team members analyzes a company’s financials, operations, management, market and industry to determine the economic consequences of a particular tort, breach of contract, or securities law violation.

One company sponsoring hi-tech conventions was sued for $40,000,000.  They hired our team who determined that the plaintiff’s expert’s methodology was not consistent with accepted valuation practice.  The jury awarded the plaintiff zero.

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